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Commercial Collections

The DAL commercial collection program is designed to be a valuable part of your credit department. In essence, we become an extension of your collection department and part of your collection team. We supplement your collection efforts with an in-house escalation process that provides a thorough and expert handling of your delinquent accounts.

DAL is not a call center. We employ a team of seasoned collection professionals that have all achieved the Senior Certified Collection Professional designation through the Commercial Law League of America and work each case based on its individual needs. Our collectors work extended hours allowing them to contact your debtors during legally mandated hours across all time zones. Additionally, DAL employs a second collector process—delivering a one-two punch that adds an escalation and a psychological element that provides greater recovery rates for you.


Sometimes its all about ease and convenience. Debtors can pay online 24/7 through payDAL.com by check, debit or credit card with no additional fees to the debtor - or to you our client. payDAL is PCI Compliant site so you can feel confident that all legal requirements are being met for your protection.


Trust. Solutions. Expertise.

Trust DAL’s proven collection techniques to guide your delinquent accounts from start to recovery. Our collection efforts are designed to receive full payment on all accounts—small or large—as soon as possible, and to protect you from recurring risk. Contact your DAL Account Manager today, email or call us at 800-355-9999 and let our experience and expertise work for you!


Place your claim with DAL today or call us at 800-355-9999.