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DAL—we’re so much more than a commercial collection agency.

At DAL, we understand the bottom line: as long as there is credit, there will be delinquencies. However, we also understand that delinquencies don’t have to become write-offs. What sets DAL apart from the pack is that we look for ways to enhance the management of your current receivables- and develop strategies to reduce your future risk.

To that end…DAL is the first partner to "Go Live" with Cortera's Open Receivables Platform and is proud to offer Scoring, Alerts, and Auto-Place with DAL through Cortera Pulse!

Imagine a scenario where you are the first to know about troublesome and past due accounts within your portfolio. Now think of a scenario where you are the first to get paid on those delinquent accounts. Introducing, the Cortera Pulse application to streamline workflow and cash-flow and give you the opportunity to quickly access DAL’s debt recovery services to automate the “click-to-place” collection process.

Many of our customers are already using the Cortera Pulse service to identify delinquent accounts and take appropriate measures to minimize risk. The ability to auto-place delinquent accounts has become much faster and a lot easier, thanks to Cortera’s click-to-place process. Cortera Pulse users are able avoid timely (and costly) processes that impede their debt collection success.

For those of you that do not currently use the Cortera Pulse service, take advantage of this special opportunity to test-drive the Pulse application for 10 days, FREE! Cortera Pulse continuously monitors all of your active customers for meaningful changes and then alerts you to potential opportunities and risks so that you can take immediate action.

During your 10-day FREE, Full Version Trial of Pulse - you’ll be able to:

  • Monitor an unlimited number of customers;
  • Assign an unlimited number of users to access the data;
  • Receive a daily alert summary email;
  • Access your monthly CFO Report with Portfolio trending;
  • View important insights on your Top 50 accounts.


Advantages to Using Cortera Pulse with your Collection Efforts:

  • Expands your portfolio insight and provides with you actionable account monitoring;
  • Save time filling out forms and gathering data needed to place accounts for collection;
  • Shortens the time to place accounts with a quick & easy placement process;
  • Increases the collectability of accounts by placing them without any delays.

You’ve got to see it to believe it! Let the data speak for itself in ways it never has! If you are interested in taking advantage of this exclusive Cortera Pulse 10-day FREE Trial offer, please visit this link to sign up, or contact DAL@cortera.com to arrange a demo.