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Skip Tracing

As part of DAL's collection strategy, if a phone number is disconnected or mail is being returned, DAL has a dedicated Skip Trace Department that utilizes seasoned credit professionals that engage in expert skip tracing strategies from the time of placement through to the legal process as well. Utilizing paid resources traditional, digital, as well as social media and other proprietary means, our experts are consistently proactive and possess the ability to seek and identify information to allow us to continue with our collection efforts on your behalf.

Bank Account & Asset Searches

DAL offers Bank Account Searches and Asset Reports in order for you to make informed decisions on whether to continue through the legal system with a file. This information includes all public information of any liens, judgments, and bankruptcy filings along with known assets at the time of the report. DAL is there every step of the way to guide you in making a sound judgment on the direction of an account.


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